Latest Updates from 'Rock Chicks' at Killergram (Page 3)
Anaya Leon in 'Whole Lotta Love'
Anaya Leon - Whole Lotta Love

The beautiful Miss Anaya Leon looks as hot as ever on Sunday as you are treated to one of her "Hardcore Rock Chicks" sessions

Syren Lee in 'She Got Legs'
Syren Lee - She Got Legs

It's the turn of the amazing Miss Syren Lee to offer up another hard boy-girl scene for "Hardcore Rock Chicks"

Loz Lorrimar in 'Thumping The Bass End'
Loz Lorrimar - Thumping The Bass End

Another great serving of porno filth is delivered by the amazing Miss Loz Lorrimar in this anal classic for "Hardcore Rock Chicks"

Lee Logan in 'Back In Black'
Lee Logan - Back In Black

Lee Logan gets a hard double fucking in a raw scene for "Hardcore Rock Chicks"

Lyka Lopez in 'The Asian Rock Chick'
Lyka Lopez - The Asian Rock Chick

Killergram's Asian Babe, Lyka Lopez is then back for a full-on scene for “Hardcore Rock Chicks”Killergram's Asian Babe, Lyka Lopez is then back for a full-on scene for “Hardcore Rock Chicks”

Cristal Cummings in 'A Shade of Darkness'
Cristal Cummings - A Shade of Darkness

Killergram serve up the second session with Cristal Cummings for "Hardcore Rock Chicks"

Shay Hendrix in 'Slammed For Real'
Shay Hendrix - Slammed For Real

Killergram favourite Shay Hendrix makes a welcome return in a wicked hardcore session for "Rock Chicks"

Bridie James in 'Hard Rock Honey'
Bridie James - Hard Rock Honey

The beautiful Bridie James is back at Killergram Towers for a "Hardcore Rock Chicks" session that features some wicked deep anal action

Mai Bailey in 'An Urban Rock Chick'
Mai Bailey - An Urban Rock Chick

Mai Bailey gives a great performance in "Hardcore Rock Chicks"

Tia Layne in 'Rock Chick Perfection'
Tia Layne - Rock Chick Perfection

It's all about another super sexy blonde babe as Tia Layne gets a deep hard fucking in "Hardcore Rock Chicks"

Ashley Rider in 'A Rock Chick Cum-Slut'
Ashley Rider - A Rock Chick Cum-Slut

Killergrams latest movie stars the petite and very dirty Miss Ashley Rider in "Hardcore Rock Chicks"

Lena Leigh in 'A Full On Rock Chick'
Lena Leigh - A Full On Rock Chick

It's the return of the fabulous Leena Leigh in full-on action for "Hardcore Rock Rocks"

Tina Marie in 'The Inked Rock Chick'
Tina Marie - The Inked Rock Chick

The beautiful Tina Marie gives a wicked performance in "Hardcore Rock Chicks"

Carolina De Lys in 'A Rock Chick Honey'
Carolina De Lys - A Rock Chick Honey

Killergram show us the lovely Carolina De Lys in "Hardcore Rock Chicks"..

Emily X in 'Pure Rock Chick Fuck'
Emily X - Pure Rock Chick Fuck

The very filthy Emily X is next to take on some huge cock in "Hardcore Rock Chicks".